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Working Paper Cnr-Ceris, N° 21/2014  


A collective land tenure system with popular shareholding and sustainable agriculture**

Valentina Moiso*, Elena Pagliarino

  National Research Council of Italy
Institute for Economic Research on Firm and Growth

CNR-CERIS Collegio Carlo Alberto - via Real Collegio, n. 30
10024 Moncalieri (Torino) – ITALY


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                                          +39 011 68 24 948



Abstract: The Italian land structure displays some features which make access to land difficult for many farmers, in particular young people who have not received land by intergenerational transmission and who want to engage in alternative and sustainable agriculture. In Europe, innovative experiences facilitate the leasing of land for agricultural use, promote multifunctional agriculture, organic farming and short chain and, indirectly, counteract soil consumption and loss. These are forms of collective shareholding: the companies, which have small investors as their shareholders, own the land and lease it to farmers with long-term contracts. Similar solutions are in the planning phase in Italy, but they struggle to take off because of generally unfavourable structural and regulatory conditions. This article presents a preliminary overview of these experiences, highlighting risks and opportunities related to their different characteristics.

Keywords: access to land, land tenure systems, sustainable agriculture, short chain, soil consumption, collective shareholding, alternative finance.

JEL Codes: Q14, R51, R52, Z13





** We wish to thank Bruno Giau, Silvia Novelli, and Giuliana Strambi; the contents of this manuscript are the sole responsibility of its authors. The analysis draws on material collected thanks to the fellowship "A fund for the land” (Un fondo per la terra) founded in 2012 by the Fondazione Culturale Responsabilità Etica, the research is lead by a working group operating at CNR-CERIS of Moncalieri (TO). The paper was accepted at the ERSA 54° Congress, St. Petersburg 26-29 August 2014, Session on Natural environment, resources and sustainable development.


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