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Working Paper Cnr-Ceris, N° 19/2014



Insights on the efficiency
of Embodied Knowledge Transfer: results from a localized initiative


U. Finardi

National Research Council of Italy

CNR-Ceris, Institute for Economic Research on Firms and Growth

Via Real Collegio 30, 10024 Moncalieri (To), Italy

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Tel.: 0116824923



Abstract: embodied knowledge transfer is a relevant way of connecting public research and firms. The present work analyzes the results of a public initiative aiming at connecting research institutions and Small and Medium Enterprises of the Piedmont Region (northwest Italy). The initiative financed grants to employ young persons in possess of a university degree. Grantees were employed to spend part of their working time in a SME, and part in the collaborating Department/Institute. Drawing on the responses to the final survey of the project, the present work tries to determine whether grantees have been an efficient medium of knowledge transfer. Results show that in many cases they have been determinant, though the result can’t be generalized.


Keywords: embodied knowledge transfer; university-industry cooperation; public policy; regional development; SME.


JEL Codes:O15; O33.





 Acknowledgements: the present papers exploits data deriving from on official documents and PRO.TE.INN. survey, which are property of COREP. Deeply acknowledged for their collaboration are: Prof. Adriana Luciano (University of Torino and director of FRAME COREP Laboratory); Dr. Monica Demartini and of Dr. Roberta Santi (COREP FRAME Laboratory) who have been working on the PRO.TE.INN. survey; Ing. Michel Patrissi (Director of COREP); Dr. Norberto Patrignani. Prof. Salvatore Coluccia is deeply acknowledged for his continuous help and spur. Prof. Secondo Rolfo, Director of CNR-CERIS is acknowledged for supporting this research field, as well as for scientific collaboration. Colleagues of CNR-CERIS are acknowledged for their help and scientific collaboration. The Usual Disclaimers Apply


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