Carla Basili - Information Policies in Science

Carla Basili - Information Policies in Science

Knowledge Sharing and Transfer in Scholarly Disciplines

Project rationale

Policy measures for scientific information have been and will continue to be subject to periodic review and revision, as a function of factors both internal and external to the science system. Different models of knowledge circulation and access to information coexist, often the one in contrast with the other.
The concept itself of "scientific information policies" tends to adapt to new configurations of the scientific system, to emerging models of knowledge transfer, the alternation of new agents, as well as to the role and functions of innovative vehicles for the dissemination of scientific results.
From an economic perspective, knowledge sharing and transfer are increasingly the leitmotiv of the recommendations issued by the European Commission to support the economic development of Europe.
In view of the above, the Information Policies in Science (IPS) project intends to define a reference framework for analysing and comparing information policies along multiple dimensions, and tailored to diverse disciplinary contexts, given how much scholarly disciplines may differ in their information habits and environments.
The research area of the Humanities constitutes a major focus of the IPS project, since Humanities research is increasingly required today to sustain its position within the Knowledge Economy paradigm.

IPS selected results

Information Policies from the Republic of Science to the Realm of Innovation (Int. Conference, Poland, 2009)
Sinergie invisibili. Ricerca e Informazione Scientifica nell'Economia della Conoscenza (2010) - book
Policies and Practices in Access to Digital Archives: Towards a New Research and Policy Agenda - Summer University, Budapest (2012)
Information Policies in the Social Sciences and Humanities - Exploratory Seminar, Rome (2012)

Seminar on "Information Policies in Science: qualitative and quantitative aspects",
Rome, 7 June 2013
a session of the QQML 2013 International Conference

Seminar on "Scientific Information Policies in the Digital Age: enabling factors and barriers to Knowledge Sharing and Transfer"
Rome, 16 September 2013
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Seminar on "Research Infrastructures in the Humanities: Key Policy Issues", Malta, 25 September 2013
a TPDL2013 satellite event, organised in collaboration with the Library, Information and Archive Sciences and Information Policy Departments of the University of Malta.
Programme and Rationale
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Carla Basili

Carla Basili

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